Christ and Christmas 
(Mary Baker Eddy)

See note below 

(Beyond The Way)


And he that overcometh, and keepeth my
works unto the end, to him will I give power
over the nations:
And I will give him the MORNING STAR. 
- Christ Jesus

Note: No painting has been provided for this verse, for what lies in the as yet unseen. But she did provide this symbol that appears on the front cover of all of her books, together with her signature on the front page.

The symbol of the cross and crown seal references all the essential elements of the structure of divine Science.

Its five stars can be seen to represent the five different types of dual definitions found in the Glossary, without which the Glossary does not resolve into a structure of 144 definitions. These five types are also represented in Christ and Christmas in the form of five stars. These are the five stars in the crown of divine Science.

The stars in the crown of divine Science are also horizontally linked to the twelve stars in the crown of the woman clothed with the sun, the stars in the crown of rejoicing. (Rev. 12)

The crown itself, represents the crown from the last painting in Christ and Christmas, which is shown descending from God out of heaven, representing the highest image of the city foursquare from Revelation 21. In the cross and crown symbol the crown is united with the cross and the cross has been cut off, it is leaning, it is no longer a challenging symbol. If humanity wears this crown it will not be threatened by the cross, by human thinking of limitation and finity.

The cross and crown painting in Christ and Christmas (in the next lower element) evidently symbolizes the river Euphrates. The definition for Euphrates presents the unfolding of divine Science in an atmosphere of human thought, the only error of which is limitation and finity. It should be logically impossible for divine Science to unfold in this limited human environment. This would indeed be the case were it not for the self-revelation of God as a matter of Principle unfolding in human consciousness, uplifting it to the apprehension of divine science. The cross and crown seal represents the inevitable result of this process.

The cross and crown seal also represents the Apostle John's vision of the end of all evil.

The five stars in the crown of divine Science are seven pointed stars, representing precisely the seven pointed stars in Christ and Christmas. Click on the seal above for a larger view.

There are seven days in the spiritual account of creation in Genesis 1, and corresponding with that, Mary Baker Eddy provided seven synonyms for God. If we correlate a Glossary definition with each of these, in every column of the foursquare matrix, we will require 56 Glossary definitions for this correlation. 

On the cover of Christ and Christmas we see a large seven pointed star, clearly delineated, that Mary Baker Eddy presented surrounded by 56 rays of light. These rays of light can be seen reflected fully in the Glossary structure built onto the city foursquare. 

If one divides the three lower rows into an upper and lower half, sharing the central definitions at the center, each half will contain exactly 56 elements. In this manner we have 56 rays of light (in the upper half) standing as counterpoints to 56 areas of darkness in the lower half, according to the rays of light surrounding the seven pointed star on the cover of Christ and Christmas.

By these counterpoints of 56 rays of light against the 56 areas of darkness, the end of all evil will indeed come about in a rigorous scientific fashion, and there will be no more darkness, or as John points out, there will be no night there.

 The cross and crown seal represents all of that.