Christian Science Bible Lessons

September 18,1898

- Section 3 -


John 9:39
39 #And Jesus said, For judgment I
am come into this world, that they
which see not might see; and that
they which see might be made blind.

Matthew 9:35-38
35 And Jesus went about all the
cities and villages, teaching in
their synagogues, and preaching the
gospel of the kingdom, and healing
every sickness and every disease
among the people.
36 #But when he saw the multitudes,
he was moved with compassion on them,
because they fainted, and were
scattered abroad, as sheep having no
37 Then saith he unto his
disciples, The harvest truly is
plenteous, but the labourers are few;

38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of
the harvest, that he will send forth
labourers into his harvest.
Matthew 10:1,5-8
1 And when he had called unto him
his twelve disciples, he gave them
power against unclean spirits, to
cast them out, and to heal all manner
of sickness and all manner of
5 These twelve Jesus sent forth,
and commanded them, saying, Go not
into the way of the Gentiles, and
into any city of the Samaritans enter
ye not:
6 But go rather to the lost sheep
of the house of Israel.
7 And as ye go, preach, saying, The
kingdom of heaven is at hand.
8 Heal the sick, cleanse the
lepers, raise the dead, cast out
devils: freely ye have received,
freely give.

Mark 10:13-24
13 #And they brought young children
to him, that he should touch them:
and his disciples rebuked those that
brought them.
14 But when Jesus saw it, he was
much displeased, and said unto them,
Suffer the little children to come
unto me, and forbid them not: for of
such is the kingdom of God.
15 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever
shall not receive the kingdom of God
as a little child, he shall not enter
16 And he took them up in his arms,
put his hands upon them, and blessed
17 #And when he was gone forth into
the way, there came one running, and
kneeled to him, and asked him, Good
Master, what shall I do that I may
inherit eternal life?
18 And Jesus said unto him, Why
callest thou me good? there is none
good but one, that is, God.
19 Thou knowest the commandments,
Do not commit adultery, Do not kill,
Do not steal, Do not bear false
witness, Defraud not, Honour thy
father and mother.
20 And he answered and said unto
him, Master, all these have I
observed from my youth.
21 Then Jesus beholding him loved
him, and said unto him, One thing
thou lackest: go thy way, sell
whatsoever thou hast, and give to the
poor, and thou shalt have treasure in
heaven: and come, take up the cross,
and follow me.
22 And he was sad at that saying,
and went away grieved: for he had
great possessions.
23 #And Jesus looked round about,
and saith unto his disciples, How
hardly shall they that have riches
enter into the kingdom of God!
24 And the disciples were
astonished at his words. But Jesus
answereth again, and saith unto them,
Children, how hard is it for them
that trust in riches to enter into
the kingdom of God!

486:23-26 Chapter 14: Recapitulation


Chapter 14: Recapitulation
Divine Science encompassing the universe and man;...  

Truth versus error

To-day, as oft, away from sin 
Christ summons thee! 
Truth pleads to-night: Just take Me in! 
No mass for Me! 

God leadeth us not into temptation, but delivereth us from sin, disease, and death.

Cardinal point 3 - Column 4 - Extended

Question 19. - Is materiality the concomitant of spirituality,
and is material sense a necessary preliminary 
to the understanding and expression of Spirit?
ADAM = An inverted image of Spirit.

(Permanent sensibility)
Sight, hearing, all the spiritual senses of man, are eternal.
They cannot be lost. Their reality and immortality are in Spirit
and understanding, not in matter, - hence their permanence.

315:21-11 Chapter 10: Science of Being


Chapter 10: Science of Being
Divine Science understood and acknowledged.  

I thank Thee O Father,...

Thus olden faith's pale star now blends 
In seven-hued white! 
Life, without birth and without end, 
Emitting light! 

Give us grace for to-day;
feed the famished affections. 

Cardinal point 3 - Column 3 - Extended

(Immaculate conception)
Jesus' spiritual origin and understanding enabled him to
demonstrate the facts of being, - to prove irrefutably how
spiritual Truth destroys material error, heals sickness, and
overcomes death. The divine conception of Jesus pointed to this
truth and presented an illustration of creation. The history of
Jesus shows him to have been more spiritual than all other earthly
(Jesus as mediator)
Wearing in part a human form (that is, as it seemed to mortal
view), being conceived by a human mother, Jesus was the mediator
between Spirit and the flesh, between Truth and error. Explaining
and demonstrating the way of divine Science, he became the way of
salvation to all who accepted his word. From him mortals may
learn how to escape from evil. The real man being linked by
Science to his Maker, mortals need only turn from sin and lose
sight of mortal selfhood to find Christ, the real man and his
relation to God, and to recognize the divine sonship. Christ,
Truth, was demonstrated through Jesus to prove the power of Spirit
over the flesh, - to show that Truth is made manifest by its
effects upon the human mind and body, healing sickness and
destroying sin.

336:9 Chapter 10: Science of Being - [PLATFORM]

(-22- The real manhood)
XXII. Immortal man was and is God's image or idea, even the
infinite expression of infinite Mind, and immortal man is
coexistent and coeternal with that Mind. He has been forever in
the eternal Mind, God; but infinite Mind can never be in man, but
is reflected by man. The spiritual man's consciousness and
individuality are reflections of God. They are the emanations of
Him who is Life, Truth, and Love. Immortal man is not and never
was material, but always spiritual and eternal.

264:20 Chapter 9: Creation


Chapter 9: Creation
Divine Science understood and acknowledged.   

Christian Science Healing (2)

Forever present, bounteous, free, 
Christ comes in gloom; 
And aye, with grace towards you and me, 
For health makes room. 

Give us this day our daily bread.

Cardinal point 4 - Column 3 - Extended

(Spiritual proofs of existence)
Spirit and its formations are the only realities of being.
Matter disappears under the microscope of Spirit. Sin is
unsustained by Truth, and sickness and death were overcome by
Jesus, who proved them to be forms of error. Spiritual living and
blessedness are the only evidences, by which we can recognize true
existence and feel the unspeakable peace which comes from an
all-absorbing spiritual love.

473:18-3 Chapter 14: Recapitulation


Chapter 14: Recapitulation
Divine Science encompassing the universe and man;...  

Truth versus error

To-day, as oft, away from sin 
Christ summons thee! 
Truth pleads to-night: Just take Me in! 
No mass for Me! 

God leadeth us not into temptation, but delivereth us from sin, disease, and death.

Cardinal point 3 - Column 4 - Extended

Question 13. - Is there no sin? 
ADAM = The opposite of Spirit and His creations.

(Jesus not God)
In an age of ecclesiastical despotism, Jesus introduced the
teaching and practice of Christianity, affording the proof of
Christianity's truth and love; but to reach his example and to
test its unerring Science according to his rule, healing sickness,
sin, and death, a better understanding of God as divine Principle,
Love, rather than personality or the man Jesus, is required.
(Jesus not understood)
Jesus established what he said by demonstration, thus making his
acts of higher importance than his words. He proved what he
taught. This is the Science of Christianity. Jesus proved the
Principle, which heals the sick and casts out error, to be divine.
Few, however, except his students understood in the least his
teachings and their glorious proofs, - namely, that Life, Truth,
and Love (the Principle of this unacknowledged Science) destroy
all error, evil, disease, and death.

241:31-3 Chapter 8: Footsteps of Truth


Chapter 8: Footsteps of Truth
The rights of woman acknowledged
morally, civilly, and socially. 

Christian Science Healing (1)

Christ was not crucified - that doom 
Was Jesus' part; 
For Sharon's rose must bud and bloom 
In human heart. * 
*God was manifest in the Flesh- St.Paul

Enable us to know, -as in heaven, so on earth,- God is omnipotent, supreme.

Cardinal point 1 - Column 2 - Extended

(Spiritual baptism)
It is "easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle,"
than for sinful beliefs to enter the kingdom of heaven, eternal
harmony. Through repentance, spiritual baptism, and regeneration,
mortals put off their material beliefs and false individuality.

242:9 Chapter 8: Footsteps of Truth

(The one only way)
There is but one way to heaven, harmony, and Christ in divine
Science shows us this way. It is to know no other reality - to
have no other consciousness of life - than good, God and His
reflection, and to rise superior to the so-called pain and
pleasure of the senses.

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