Christian Science Bible Lessons

August 28,1898

- Section 4 -


Leviticus 19:1-3
1 And the Lord spake unto Moses,
2 Speak unto all the congregation
of the children of Israel, and say
unto them, Ye shall be holy: for I
the Lord your God am holy.
3 #Ye shall fear every man his
mother, and his father, and keep my
sabbaths: I am the Lord your God.

Matthew 23:9
9 And call no man your father upon
the earth: for one is your Father,
which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:48
48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as
your Father which is in heaven is

29:30-32 Chapter 2: Atonement and Eucharist


Chapter 2: Atonement and Eucharist
The love of the good and beautiful, and their immortality. 

Christ Healing (1)

In tender mercy, Spirit sped 
A loyal ray 
To rouse the living, wake the dead, 
And point the Way - 

Our Father-Mother God, all-harmonious. 

Cardinal point 3 - Column 1 - Extended

(Spiritual conception)
Man as the offspring of God, as the idea of Spirit, is the
immortal evidence that Spirit is harmonious and man eternal.

276:8(begin "Let),19 Chapter 10: Science of Being


Chapter 10: Science of Being
Divine Science understood and acknowledged.  

I thank Thee O Father,...

Thus olden faith's pale star now blends 
In seven-hued white! 
Life, without birth and without end, 
Emitting light! 

Give us grace for to-day;
feed the famished affections. 

Cardinal point 3 - Column 3 - Extended

(Universal brotherhood)
"Let this Mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." Man
and his Maker are correlated in divine Science, and real
consciousness is cognizant only of the things of God.
(Perfection requisite)
When we learn in Science how to be perfect even as our Father in
heaven is perfect, thought is turned into new and healthy
channels, - towards the contemplation of things immortal and away
from materiality to the Principle of the universe, including
harmonious man.

476:28 Chapter 14: Recapitulation


Chapter 14: Recapitulation
Divine Science encompassing the universe and man;...  

Truth versus error

To-day, as oft, away from sin 
Christ summons thee! 
Truth pleads to-night: Just take Me in! 
No mass for Me! 

God leadeth us not into temptation, but delivereth us from sin, disease, and death.

Cardinal point 3 - Column 4 - Extended

Question 14. - What is man? 
ADAM = That which is not the image and likeness of good, but a 
material belief, opposed to the one Mind, or Spirit.


(The kingdom within)
When speaking of God's children, not the children of men, Jesus
said, "The kingdom of God is within you;" that is, Truth and Love
reign in the real man, showing that man in God's image is unfallen
and eternal. Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who
appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In
this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this
correct view of man healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the
kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and
holy. Man is not a material habitation for Soul; he is himself
spiritual. Soul, being Spirit, is seen in nothing imperfect nor

470:21 Chapter 14: Recapitulation

Question 10. - What is Mind? 
ADAM = Nothingness.

(Indestructible relationship)
God is the creator of man, and, the divine Principle of man
remaining perfect, the divine idea or reflection, man, remains
perfect. Man is the expression of God's being. If there ever was
a moment when man did not express the divine perfection, then there
was a moment when man did not express God, and consequently a time
when Deity was unexpressed - that - is, without entity. If man
has lost perfection, then he has lost his perfect Principle, the
divine Mind. If man ever existed without this perfect Principle or
Mind, then man's existence was a myth.

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